Needed TemplatesEdit

We have a need for some templates for various articles. This is where we will discuss what the templates will need to have in them. For a list of templates that already exist for use, please see Existing Templates. Need help on how to make templates? See Wikipedia!!! The interface here pretty much assumes you know how to work a wiki...


  • We need a template for Cleanup of articles. (Then, of course, we need a link from that template to all articles that need to be cleaned up.)


  • We need a template for the Crystal Path, for the many articles that will be in that section.

The Crystal Path


Elements: Sun

Fire | Air | Water | Earth

Outer Crystals: Integrity | Healing | Will-Power | Wisdom

Intuition | Creativity | Magick | Balance
Flow | Play | Love | Confidence

Inner Crystals:
Tantra | Inspiration | Intimacy

Manifestation | Synchronicity | Thelema
Consecration | Innocence | Learning

  • We need a template for Chakras...

Small chakras
List of Chakras:

Crown | Third Eye | Throat | Heart | Solar Plexus | Sex | Base

  • How about a vertical Chakra Template?

List of Chakras Crown

Third Eye



Solar Plexus




  • We need a template for spoilers, esp. for fiction books.
Warning: Spoilers below
  • We probably need a see also template.



  • Need a nice looking Vote for Deletion template


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