This is a series of simple tables of various correspondences that have to do with the 9 sects of Miriad. The first table below connects each of the Sects to a different Element, and also to a Trigram of the I-Ching, and finally to a Prime Letter of the Miriadic language.

SectElement TrigramM.L. Letter
Alpha Triastran??? Trigram000 Space???
Andalusian??? Trigram010 Heart???
Discordian??? Trigram011 Joy???
Illuminates??? Trigram100 Temple???
Infinitist??? Trigram110 Breath???
Kaos Shaman??? Trigram101 Vision???
Nihilist??? Trigram111 Time???
Web Weaver??? Trigram001 Energy???
PsychonautSpirit no trigramAth

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